The Return of Jesus – Yusuf Estes

{In the Islam point of view}

In this video Yusuf Estes discusses some of the events that will lead up to the return of Jesus,

and major events that will take place after his return.

Introduction [start time 00:00]

“Jesus” or “‘Eesa”? [start time 02:20]
Humility of “Jobe”

Are Prophets ordinary people? [start time 08:12]
Islam can be verified! [start time 09:30]
Messengers can not be God!

The word “Christ” [start time 12:30]
the word “Logo”
Chapter of Mary

Miraculous birth of Jesus [start time 17:17]
Story of Mary
Jesus & his mission in brief

Story of Salih [start time 25:35]
The She-Camel

What was the message of these Prophets? [start time 29:50]
There is no deity worthy of worship except Allah!
God’s name is Allah

Was Islam spread with the sword? [start time 40:55]
Christianity and the sword

Is Islam turning your back on Jesus? [start time 44:40]
Did Jesus die?
Will Jesus come back?
False Christ!
Everyone will follow Jesus

Everyone will die [start time 51:40]
“Don’t die except in the state of Islam!”

People accepting Islam [start time 55:40]
Conclusion [start time 1:01:20]

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