Nouman Ali Khan- Muslim and Christian Dialogue

The Quran is a book that was revealed to the final messenger of God. God gave all of his messengers miracles as signs of their truthfulness. The Quran was that outliving sign.

Key Points of This Vide:
Introduction [start time 00:00]
We all need guidance [start time 02:42]
Concept of miracles in Islam [start time 03:56]
Frank Avila gives in input about the Quran [start time 11:00]
Nouman addresses the issues raised by Frank [start time 17:44]
Quran was not written by Muhammad
Linguistic Miracle of the Quran

Quran a message and a miracle [start time 22:39]
Linguistic Marvel of the Quran [start time 24:20]
Historical Marvel of the Quran [start time 26:23]
Quran & Memorization [start time 29:35]
Conclusion [start time 30:39]
This is a nice dialogue between a Christian and a Muslim about the verbatim word of God the Quran to read more on the scientific facts mentioned in the Quran visit

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