Aqsa Syarif : Le Tour D’Europe

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Walking is becoming difficult. Your legs wont follow.
You see these frontiers, the horizon never ends.
Hypocrisy, they talk about human rights on a yacht under the midday sun.
Can the legal system be efficient, if killers are also lawyers and judges?
A continuous reprimand.
In the country you were born, living has become a terrorist act.
But you cant help it
a voice at the back of your mind tells you to resist.
The bullets can hit you.
Renouncing is such a bitter death, its harder to bear.
To resist is above all to exist,
its that thirst for freedom for each exhaled sigh.
Your pride in the deepest adversity
urges you to raise your head in front of your oppressors.
A struggle between equals.
They have human beings and not dogs in front of them.
With fathers and mothers at the foot of a wall
and children who only wish to imagine their life in the future
They think they blow out a candle light
but look in our hearts, its a blazing fire.
Look at how many individuals
show the courage of this people
that refuses to bow to the worlds third [largest] army.
I thought that cold days
were behind me.
I thought that suffering
was behind me.
In my sky there is a world
an endless world
filled up with colours.
In my sky, there are dreams
and all that remains
are illusions.
Sometimes I remain silent
I talk
I tell stories,
I mumble words.
I thought that cold days
were behind me
I thought that suffering
was behind me.
Cause over there its carnival everyday
Their crimes dress up as surgical strikes.
Despite all of that, what an example
look at their knees, they are stiff while yours are trembling.
Its you who are massacring at point-blank range.
You who spray a whole population with white phosphorus.
You who destroy their roofs, their schools and their work.
And yet, its you who are living in fear.
You who is living on edge,
Because for each murder youll find someone who will hold the flag.
For each soul you take, ten of them will stand up,
ten of them will fight,
and ten will fall.
And for those ten who will fall,
you will find a thousand who stand up,
a thousand on the front line, a thousand who will fall.
In your blood-stained hands, drowned in impunity.
Until you are faced with a population of dignified and proud people.
May that day be mine, may that day be yours,
Because today, we are all Palestinians.

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