Salam alaik to the readers of this blog.

first of all. i would like to appeal to all of you for my apologies to anyone out there.

if any of you were kept waiting for the continuity of the ramadhan reminders and any new article.

[if, there is anyone who are reading this blog. hehe]

Apparently, i had decided that i would like to optimize the last ten days as much as i can in the previous ramadhan. to be with only God and me in the night. therefore, i didnt spend the time needed to search the subjects to be posted and in the same time to take my time to listen to it fully before i posted here at this blog. because, i need to take the gist of the lesson before hand right?  so that, i wont be qestioned in the Hereafter. right?

And. Right now, the owner of this blog were struggling with the final xam in his studies, together with his friends.

Please, pray for our success. Only God can help us now. And only God can repay your Dua to us.

Jazakallahu khair.

And. just for an update announcer. hehe

at the left sidebar most lower section.

There is status update of my Facebook where i share my thought.

well, this make it like a twitter section of this blog. isnt it? hehe

just the drawback is that it didnt show the previous status update.

InsyaAllah. God Willing.

When i had succeed in this test Allah put on us. I will be continuing the activity of this blog.

After all, the main target person of this blog is myself, and everyone around me and everyone in this earth. ^_^

Well. I havent said it yet. ^_^

Eid Ul FItri Mubarak to every Muslim on this earth.

Forgive my sins be it small, unseen or so big that even to forgive it make you detest for doing so.

After all, im only a human. i will, iA. will always try to improve myself. iA.

Sorry for everything. Do correct me whenever Im in wrong with hikmah. IA.

anyhow, enjoy.

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