1 day 1 tazkirah ramadhan marathon

salam alaik everybody..

this is to advertise what will happened on this blog in the days of ramadhan.

insyaAllah.. everyday, i will post here a

Tazkirah entitled “Ramadhan Reminder” by Yusuf Estates..
Poet by Boona Muhammad
and more tazkirah from Ummahfilms by Baba Ali.

thats what i can think of. perhaps, if anyone could come out with more suggestion, i would be glad to hear it from you guys. if not, lets just make it as it was.

ramadhan kareem everyone. ^_^


oh. btw.. if you wish to watch ShareIslam. there is page specialized for that. the links is under page column, on the left.

and, unfortunately, for PeaceTv.. some error happened.

but, you should still can watch US version somewhere on the internet, even though I prefer UK version.

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