Da'wah Template.


People get confused about him. They heard things about him, but they didnt realise that its all manipulated stories without strong logical and basis argument. Its all bad make-up things. So…

What should we do? Create teror?

Well, thats not what our prophet and our god want us to do. Even the current so-called muslim terrorist is not yet varified. People could just hired someone to do anything they want.

Anyhow, lets leave that argument first.

In any case, they even asked for freedom. Freedom to speak anything they want. Yeah, give them the freedom that they want. Freedom to stir others sensibility and cause mischief. Freedom to mock others. Freedom to do what ever they like. Anything, means anything. Except, the one which state by themselves. Freedom? Think again. Anyway, Give them..

Give them? How can….

Wait. We, on the other hand. Should think rationally.

So, What should we do? And, what freedom to ask?

But.. in return. They should give us the freedom to wear anything we want. Freedom to go anywhere we want. Freedom to have a place for prayer [ dont forget to donate to our Islamic community center here ^_^ ]. And most important, freedom to tell the truth.

And do what we Muslims were obliged to do. Tell the truth.. Yeah, thats what we should do. Our prophet, even when humuliated in such an inhumane manner.. he still be kind to the person. Thats how he is. And we should defend him like he defend himself. With smile, peace, forgiveness and truth.

Not that I doesnt care what people do to our beloved prophet. But, maybe they just dont understand. And, perhaps they might dont even understand that, they actually dont understand. hurm~

Well.. be a witness, and spread the truth. Tell people about him…

Explain our religion. Even if with our action, which should be based on akhlaq of Rasulullah s.a.w.

About his teaching. About Allah. So that, there’s no more fitna on this world on Islam.

2 thoughts on “Da'wah Template.

  1. Wsalam hakha. Maaflah lambat sangat2 reply. Jarang2 online, :p.
    Kalau adalah manfaat blog hamba, tiadalah halangan untuk disebarkan.

    Rajin betul tuan berkarya 🙂 . Teruskan, fastabiqul khairat.

    • ooh. hehe.. dh letak dh pon. hehe.

      hehe. berkarya? x der lah sgt. bley kate 5% jer kot dlm blog nih karya sendiri. kebanyakan tuh, mana yg terbaca dan terkesan. itu yang dikongsi.

      iA, sama2 kita..

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