We are hopeless.. Actually~

Salam alaik everyone.. May peace and blessing be with us all.

greetings. just want to share my thought and feeling this time.

Being a medicine student.. it make me realise many things in life. especially how vulnerable we are to DEATH.

Imagine that even with simple thing occur in our body can actually cause us to be lying on the hospital bed, waiting for the time to come.

And Allah already created us with a very complicated body. While Im studying each part of our body. To the very detailed of it. All I able to say is “Allahuakhar”.

For example, the immune system that we have. Its is sooooo complete, that up to certain extent. I thougt…

“Ahh, ok.. thats it. its already enough i think.”

But, as i continued reading…. To my surprised, I said to myself

“What?, theres still more? even after all that?”

Really.. I cant put it in words actually. The more i learned. The more I feel that I’m just a servant. That how low and how incapable actually I am.

Today.. I watched some documentary about Parkinson disease in anatomy practical class.

Our voluntary movement is actually made complete by support of the involuntary movement, which is included in the extrapyramidal system.

One of the important centers of this system is Basal Ganglia, or specifically in this case is substantia nigra.

Which one of its function is to produce “dopamine”

The disease that occur is basically due to lack of some dopamine formation.

<pardon me if there’s any wrong medical fact. I’m just writing this spontaneously, no reference. hehe>

Imagine, that only with just one thing. Just by lacking of that one thing <which, not actually “just” ^_^ > human body already cant function normally.

Vibration. Slow and limited movement. High muscle tone.

<i just listed what i remembered>

and to my very surprised.

there are also some very weird thing happened to the patient.

The patient condition can suddenly becoming worst when walking in the small space area.

yet, can suddenly walk through any obstacle that need us to go over it, like any normal people.

and, also.. if one side of the body is moving. the other side’s vibration will increase.

its just, weird. Its not that the person have any problem with his/her control system.

erm, actually yes it is.. but, no prob with the voluntary control, but with involuntary support.

which, normally.. we dont even have to think of it.

But, suddently.. for these people. its becoming so hard. Its irritating knowing that, you cant control you body like you want.



The class might laugh while watching it. but, I put my fake smile.. My eyes actually already started going red.

Ahhahaa…  What a soft-hearted person.

I actually remembered about another kind of disease that time. Which the movie “one liter of tears” showed me.

well.. the emotion that i have is the same while watching this movie.

not that i feel sooo dramatically sympathetic to the “actor”. But, because… how weak we are actually.

How dependent we are in our basic daily life, to our God.

Breathing, talking, writing, laughing, feeling sad an depressed and such.

which is under our subconscious… we neglect it. we don’t even care or think about it.

Well, this is what asthma thought me. That how precious the normal breathing are. ^_^

for you guys to understand the whole emotional thing.. here i recommend you guys to watch the movie.

entitled “One liter of tears”


Here is the movie. guide yourself through, enjoy. And reflect our life.

And here is the Special edition, continuation of the movie.

This movie was made from the diary that is wrote by Aya, the patient.

If you are interested to actually reading the diary. Here is the link for the full translation of the diary.

The diary is archived from July 14 2008 till march 3 2009; continue reading by clicking “newer post” under comment segment. ^_^


a very long p/s:

Hope, from this. we will become a more thankful person, compared to what we are today.

Even if we are tested with any kind of fatal diseases. Just remember that our life here is temporary. And that it should be a test.

so, its not gonna be pretty. pretty is only in Jannah.

and remember that all that happened to us is  just situation. Our time in this world is actually already fixed. So, whatever happened.

Remember that it is just a situation.

Just my humble thought.

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