My First dialogue with Missionary

salam alaik.. hehe.. Just now i think i update my blog.. But, now im updating it again. Alhamdulillah… Today is a great day, day with full of His nikma’. Syukran Ya Allah..

The story begin as i embark on my jouney to my place of study, my faculty.

At Benesova station, two chosen and good looking young man, with smart attire. With fluent and nice way of speaking. high confident appeared and entered inside, thus standing next to me.(1)

Spontaneously, after a short while.. One of the young man started the conversation with me <  me also young 😉  >   (2)

LEGEND =>         [ H> Hakha &  J> Jejaka (man) ]


J: Hdn*(&(H;j ipdjxT^&(TFG&^%jiUPU9uoj <Talking in Czech language> (3)

H: errr… Mluvíte anglicky?

J: Oooo.. You can speak english.That’s good. Thats very good (4). So, do you study here? Or…. (5)

H: Aa, Im a student here.*smiling, Im smiling throughout the whole conversation ok.. no need to mention that anymore, and he’s also smiling (6)

J: Ooo.. you must be studying medic right. Aaah. I am A……n . I came from Texas, United States as a missionary. (7) I had once study medicine back in my hometown. But I drop it and joined the missionary. Do you know missionary?

H: <keep on listening>

J: Basically what I do is explaining to other people why i believe in God. (8) Do you believe in God? (9)

H: Oooo.. yeah.. I do believe in God.

J: Aaa, its nice. Im glad to found the same person that have the same faith towards God. So, how come you believe in God?

—– he passed to me the baton.. haha, its my time—–

H: Hurm. yeah. at first during my childhood, i do what other people do. believing what my parents believing. But, as i grew older. as I read more and more of the Holy Book, i realized that God asked me to find His evidence. God told us to look at the universe. look at how it is well organized without even slightest mistake. How could it be by chance, if there is millions of possibilities that all this creation can destroyed in any time but it does not happened. Look at all the disaster that happened with reason. And in another verse, God asked us to look at our self. How complicated had we been created? Can we be into existence without creator? Darwinism? Dont we see the biggest difference between human and animal? Our mind. Can it comes with genes? Can we really differentiate mind with instinct? Have we been blind by the sword of logic without base? How come I don’t believe in God if i had think all that. You and I, we both had been learning medicine right. We see and understand with our own eyes how our body worked. Millions of red blood cells died and created new each second. Can we do it our self? Can it be with chance when there is very high possibility that in any instance, tumor might created. or blood clot occur, then transported to brain causing death. We are literally living in chances of death. How can I deny the existence of God?

<for sure, what here is only what i remembered. i talked a lot more i think. I layed in front of him much more. This part of conversation take time from Benesova bus station to Zimni Stadion, i realised it when we both stop for a while and look at what station we already are>

J: Haaa.. Nice. very nice.  yeah. I completely agree. What a fascinating point of view. Its nice to hear people who think and believe in Holy Book. Yeah, we are indeed a great creation.

<from here, i tried to bring him to the very reason that Allah created us. and for what reason did Allah create this world, and for what reason do we existed here today? In hope that he rethink why should God Himself come down to earth to sacrifice Himself to eliminate the criterion that been used to choose whom to be put in heaven or hell>

H: Yeah, indeed. We are a very great creation. God says in the quran, He created us so that we can pray to Him. He created us on this worldly life so that we can be tested. And, in order to prepare for the ongoing test, Allah give us this world. Why should He created us in this world for another reason if He already have better place for us? Isnt He should be the Most Merciful and Compassionate?. Why should we been keep from entering heaven right now? Must be because to be tested. We do good deeds, we get rewarded. we have faith in the right God, so then we enter His Heaven.

(His mouth moved a bit, maybe starting to waver.. That moment I prayed to Allah… To show him the right path.)

J: ……….. Yeah. Its right. Well, thats why we (referring to him and his friend) helping the Czech people to understand God. Because they doesnt believe in God. Thats why (starting to show me the book that he hold, with title the Book of Mormon. <something like that> i take it from his hand) we share with them this book. (10) This is the book that are compilation from ancient scriptures………. (etc2, he lowered his voice.. i cant hear it clearly. Or maybe because the sound of the bus as it stopped at the traffic light… i cant remember the reason clearly why i cant hear him clearly)………… This book is similiar to the Holy Bible.

(quickly, i take this chance)

H: Similiar to Holy Bible? Why cant it be the complete same?* errr, How do you chose which scriptures to be fit in this book? How do you validate it?

(i said you by reference to the church that he was under, but maybe it is not a good word)

note: the crossed out questioned is really actually been said by me. but, it is not actually a valid question.. because of my lack of knowledge about his faith, i uttered that question. for further information.. visit this link > look under “origin of the term”

J: Owh, no.. i dont compiled the book myself.

H: (oops, hehe wrong word) owh. yeah, pardon my choice of word. of course you dont.

J: (tried to explain) This book had been compiled by Prophet Mormon, The fourth century prophet….

H: Ahhh.. How do you know that this person is a prophet? or just another historian? I dont say that you are wrong, and i dont say that you are right. It’s just my curiosity. Because, in my religion. Everything must be proven accurately and must be authentic. (eg, compilation of hadeeth, seerah Rasulullah S.A.W) <i really asked to know their system of compiling>

J & H : (both quiet and smiled at each other)

J: Amazing2. Im very glad to found a person like you. Err, can i have you phone number.

H: Owh, sorry. I had recently left my phone in some other place as i traveled. can i give you my email instead?

J: Owh yeah.. here.. handing me his phone book and pen. (at the same time i hand him his holy book back)

H: (as i finished wrote my email) its is in double line, but the word is closed to each other ok? <make sue that he got my email right>

J: Yeah… ok. Im going out. This is my station (adalbertinum). I hope to see you again.

H: Yeah. do contact me through email eyh. (i took him by his hand)

J & H: (both shake hand) and depart peacefully. waving hand to each other, respectably

the end.


As i wrote this article. i had no intention of making fun of this fellow friend. i respect him and what he believe. nor i hide any intention of making myself proud. the phrase that he used to praise me (if it is considered praising) is from his mouth. take note that i only wrote dialogue that im sure of. or at least the same meaning.. and i tried to write with understandable phrase and correct grammatically (im not that good in grammar) .

I wrote this down for us to share something valuable from it. i hope, really hope that i could stumbled across him again… or maybe in the internet is ok. He have my email, and I prayed to Allah that he contacted me through that email. I trust him and thinking that he will not doing any injustice action toward me.

Here, i would like to discuss a few thing about the young man.

1) Characteristics of a daie. the person must be at least have these few attributes to make people easy to listen to what you say. right? will you listen to people that is not clean?

2) Dont be shy. start and approach your mad’u slowly but surely.

3) Be close to your mad’u by having some similarities. by this context, know their language.

4) Dont start with bashing them of what they do wrong. praise them a little bit first. so that, they please with us.

5) Understand a bit about the background of your Mad’u.. it will make you easier to understand their fikrah.

6) Keep smiling. people please with smile. furthermore, it is also a sadaqah.

7) Introduce yourself first. People will feel awkward to introduce themself to strangers. but, when they do. they easily trusted you.

8) Be proud in what you are. ;p

9) Be straight in what you want to convey

* point 8 and 9 can only be used under certain circumstances. in most of the time.. we need to approach slowly. (we can used it with people who have the will towards our goal, perhaps)

10) promote your believe.

Wallahualam. God knows better.


3 thoughts on “My First dialogue with Missionary

  1. Teyler says:

    If God is perfect and if ID is a viable theory and counterpoint to evolution, then how did God create a complex and faulty organism called man? Does this mean God is faulty, or did I not get enought sleep yesterday?

    • hurm. nice question.

      first and foremost, muslims believe that God is perfect, as you say. And we also believe that God created us on this earth to be tested. not to enjoy a perfect life, so it can be imperfect. perfect life is at heaven.. damned life is at hell.

      thats the reward if you passed the test. do we really qualified to be in the heaven? have we strive our best in the test given to us. it make me myself ponder. hurm.

      [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

    • hurm. nice question.

      first and foremost, muslims believe that God is perfect, as you say. And we also believe that God created us on this earth to be tested. not to enjoy a perfect life, so it can be imperfect. perfect life is at heaven.. damned life is at hell.

      thats the reward if you passed the test. do we really qualified to be in the heaven? have we strive our best in the test given to us. it make me myself ponder. hurm. coming up with such a good question indicate that you have enough sleep. ^_^

      [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

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