Sebiru langit ini

sebiru hari ini
birunya bagai langit terang benderang
sebiru hari kita bersama disini

seindah hari ini
indahnya bak permadani taman surga
seindah hati kita walau kita kan berpisah

bukankah hati kita telah lama menyatu
dalam tali kisah persahabatan ilahi
pega ng erat tangan kita terakhir kalinya
hapus air mata meski kita kan berpisah

selamat jalan teman
tetaplah berjuang
semoga kita bertemu kembali
kenang masa indah kita sebiru hari ini

As blue as the sky today

blue as the brightest sky ever

as blue as days we are together here

As dazzling  the day today

its charming resemble the beauty of the matting in jannah

as how our heart enticing even when we are about to seperated

wasn’t our heart had long fused before

in the story about rope of bond with Illahi

lets hold our hand for the last time ever

wipe your tears even separation are befalling

good journey oh friend

keep on striving

may we meet again

do remember our angelic time, as blue as the sky today

3 thoughts on “Sebiru langit ini

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