Some things to ponder~~

Scientist From Czech Republic Converts To Islam A Must See

Humanomics is the NEW Anthropocentric Science, Czech Converts To Islam

Czech Muslim

Why world Famous Scientists Converted to Islam ?

Alhamdulillah.. May God strengthened their heart in becoming muslim. Lets us ask ourself, who are already a muslim. Do we really appreciate our religion? Have we really practice our religion as it should be? Have we show and becoming the model of our religion to others.. OR we do the opposite. We place fitna to our religion. Lets us see how they appreciate Islam.

And just have a bit of your time, to go to this link. Which i find it AMONG the interesting story of our brothers and sisters. Of how they find the light.

Having watched all that. Ask ourself. ==>

How many times have we say thanks to Allah, our one and only lord for giving us Islam?

How many times have we offer prayer more than what is obligatory, or did we even complete the 5 routine prayers?

How deep are our love towards Allah have we feel?

How much do we feel fear towards Allah?

How much do we feel the presence of Allah, at all times?

Have we tried our best to follow what God said, and left what God forbid?

How many times have we thanks our final prophet for his hard words of bringing Islam to the world?

How many times have we appreciate the sacrifice of the prophet with all the difficulty in spreading Islam?

Have we shed tears remembering times when Rasulollah ensure that his blood does not drop to the ground when the Son of Thaif throw stones towards him? As the Angel of Gibrael promise to turn the earth upside down onto the Son of Thaif if his blood do drop to the earth?

Have we shed tears when our beloved prophet pray to Allah to put the pain of death for his ummah only onto him?

Dont we feel anything when the last thing that our prophet say other than syahadah was Ummati, Ummati, Ummati?

Have we tried our best to follow the akhlak of Rasulollah p.b.u.h?

Let the answers be heard with our dear ears of heart. lets us improve our state of iman, insyaallah. sure there are many more question that can be derived. Sure there are many more videos that is fascinating.

Technology had been advance, use it to our advancement. Sure everything had its bad side, we are the ones that decide how we will use it… As i would like to quote from the quran..

[14:22] And the devil will say, after the judgment had been issued, “GOD has promised you the truthful promise, and I promised you, but I broke my promise. I had no power over you; I simply invited you, and you accepted my invitation. Therefore, do not blame me, and blame only yourselves. My complaining cannot help you, nor can your complaining help me. I have disbelieved in your idolizing me. The transgressors have incurred a painful retribution.”

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