Precious 15 minutes

date : forgot already laa

place : KTM antarabandar KL SENTRAL, Malaysia

event : OneMalaysia by 5 year olds (approximately)

Ahhh~.. tired of walking around KL that day.. reached KL Sentral around night at 10.. emm, if I remembered it well my tickets back to my hometown was around 10.30.. before that, I’m running chasing time for my friend’s bus tickets that’s nearly coming.. really afraid that he might miss the bus. we were watching some movies after a long briefing from our sponsors..

as soon as I arrived, quickly I searched for any place to eat. well, at that time I didn’t know about the existence of food court at level 3.. haha. so, wandering around trying to find other place to eat but not those I boycott.. alas, I stumbled one place at warung.. ok laa.. at least I can top up my fuel.

ok, been there.. done that.. then I go to KTM antarabandar even though it’s around half an hour early. anyway, people already crowded there.. that boring time goes by while I watching some TV show. it was booooring, as I’m standiiiing.

then, my eyes catch this cute lil Malay boy running happily like there’s nothing happened in the world.. well, I like kids, so I also like watching them from afar.. haha.. paediatrician to be.. Insha’Allah..

running around as what kids usually do, really no worries shown in his face. He goes back and forth, circling anonymous person to him, playing in his imaginary world with his imaginary friends perhaps.. so cute, so adorable. so innocent. eventually this cute Indian kid caught his eyes. While he was going around, this Indian girl (around his age, I might presume) was also attracted to go running the floor like what he do, so she stand from where she sit. And her mum put her down to the floor. (she’s standing on the chair before this).

then, before the excitement enveloping her heart, she fell down cutely. huhu.. That was what catches this boy’s eye perhaps. So, slowly he goes to this also cute little girl, with his hand in lead. Trying to help the poor girl to stand up. The girls mum, (though she can help her own child that time to stand up) let the boy trying to do his best. Eventually, both of them failed to stand up properly. Again, another cute fall action by both of the star this time. So, this time, the mum acted. Helping both of the kids to stand, then let both of them go and make the floor like theirs. This time, more people were started watching them.

Kids, what do you expect? They don’t know the boundary of anything. When their way of playing becoming a bit dangerous to them, the boy’s mother seem becoming curious to control the boy. This will then control also the lil girl. I don’t actually have the word to describe the scene… but, however it’s melted in my heart. I like those moment very much… yeah, i think everybody does… they surely make those boring moment enjoyable. Making others people smile and giggle with their action. Well, by that time, they were already the centre of attention of everybody, not just me alone now.

Then, suddenly this little girl fell down, and this time, it wasn’t cute. She almost broke to tears immediately. Then, I saw both of the Mums come with rushing with worried painted in their face. But, the girls mum was there first. She helped the girl to stand… Then, The Malay mum brought together with her a piece of handkerchief. Place it neatly to where the girls pointed, saying that there was where it hurt. Then, suddenly… really suddenly and unexpectedly. The boy also broke to tears. He was holding his mother cloth that time. Then I heard his mum said to him “Xpe2, bukan abang buat” <its ok, it’s not your fault>… but the boys tears worsen. Then, this cute little girl tried to reach the boy shoulders, in motion to pat him… Her mother then put her down, and asked the Malay mum to a little chat. Leaving the boy crying and the girl trying to comfort him. Haaaaah~.. Really is a sweet moment… perhaps, the Indian mother expect the boys tears would stop with the girl effort. Well, I thought the same also. But, it’s not stopped; only reduced to small sob continuously.

Then, I saw the girl looking at the crowd. Her head turn left and right. Don’t actually know what to see perhaps. Then, she also joins the choirs of sob with the boy. I just smile that time. Trying to understand what playing in her head that time. Then, the boy’s dad appeared giving lollipop to both of them. And, like a very powerful remedy, they both stop, with lollipop at their mouth. Then, cheerfully jumping around with their playing that had been postponed before. Come the Indian dad, trying to repay the lollipop bought by the Malay dad. But, the boy’s dad refused to accept the payment with smile shown at his face. It’s a sincere gift. Before I noticed it, both of them already chit-chatting non-stop, with the kids happily running around. A family of another Indians stop the kids to have a picture with them. Then, one old Chinese lady waving her hand to the kids, calling them over. End up giving them a sweet kiss at their cheek, then reward them both with a little ang pow (packet of money) Huh~~

When I ponder about it, I realised how the power of love actually can connected people. And, I relieved that I’m a Muslim, and my religion thought me well about love and certain boundary. Well, everything have boundary. Love without certain boundary where appropriate also could turn out to be disastrous. This reminded me to one verse in The Holy Quran…

10:19 And (all) people are but a single nation, then they disagree. And had not a word already gone forth from thy Lord, the matter would have certainly been decided between them in respect of that wherein they disagree.

Lets us together reflect and ponder on our unity. In support of 1Malaysia.

P/s: I’m not a politician, this post is not to promote the campaign by the government side, but as my support to whatever that bring out good result. ;p (I’m not yet eligible to vote in poll)

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