Falling in love with Islam…

Its the love that makes me feel complete
Its the love that makes me feel complete

From the darkness,

I rummage around looking,

Looking for something I didn’t even know,

So far I had walked,

So long the time had passed,

Had I stumbled upon things,

Then struggling to detach myself from it,

Had I fall upon a deep pit,

Until I scream and shout but no one came,

Slowly crawled up, when suddenly my eyes catch the light,

With an instinct of knowing the truth,

I walk slowly towards the light where it seemed the peace rest,

With pumping dopamine and adrenaline,

I ran towards the light,

But the light coming even faster towards me,

When suddenly I stumbled again,

As I realised the light already far away,

With limping leg and grazed heart from darkness,

With might that is not mine,

With sudden hope and ambition,

I after for that light,

Only now, I choose to be carefull,

Conscious at all time,

I had found my love, my light, my peace

Islam the true Ad-Din…

Good bye Jahilliah,


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